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At the end of the event, the University of Ibadan team (Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall) won with 132 points followed by University of Ife (Obafemi Awolowo Hall) with 112 points. Then University of Lagos (Marriere Hall) taking the third position with 106 points

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Public speaking excellence is a necessary skill if you are a leader. It has always been so. Yet today what you say may be heard by millions worldwide. Your ability to be fully, extraordinarily present in your speeches and presentations is therefore essential.

Of course the higher your profile and influence, the more numerous and compelling are the sources of beckoning distraction. (For more on the skills of being a dynamic performer as a speaker, check out our ( “Elements of an effective speech.”)

Below are 10 suggestions we use at Traindrill, all of them with roots in the theater, for helping leaders stay fully focused and present for their audiences. They range from nonverbal communication to storytelling to breathing for speech. Each tip is simple. Together they are a recipe for presentation excellence on a level commensurate with speaking for true leadership.

Ten Public Speaking Techniques for Leadership

  1. Ground yourself. Feel your feet gripping the floor. Imagine your feet have roots that go deep into the earth. The earth gives you energy and stability. You are steadfast and powerful!
  2. Stand or sit with good posture. Visually, it’s important. Overall, it makes a difference in how strongly you and your ideas are accepted. You will feel like you have more authority if you look like you should.
  3. Breathe diaphragmatically. That means slowly, deeply, and calmly. “Belly breathe” by taking fuller breaths, and learn how to control your exhalation so you support the sound to the ends of phrases (where the most important words usually reside). Be aware of each delicious nourishing breath.
  4. Dive into your audience. Your audience is a pool. Submerge yourself in their energy and humanity. Relish the sheer reality of their presence and yours, together. You will excite yourself and them.
  5. Take your time. High-profile speaking can make you speak too rapidly because of adrenaline, the “fight or flight” hormone. Take your time to cherish this opportunity, which is only here now and in a moment will be gone forever.
  6. Pay attention with all of your senses. Take in sensually everything that’s going on around you. Hear with your eyes, feel the audience’s reactions as if it were tactile, taste the ideas in your mouth, etc. Respond with all your being!
  7. Aim your energy outward. Your audience matters, not you! Lose yourself in your message and how it is being received. Since you are a leader who isn’t used to hearing this, I will repeat it: you don’t matter. Send the best of you to the people who do matter.
  8. Make eye contact as you tell the story. The story is what the audience is here for. Whatever you’re talking about, it’s a story, a narrative. In that sense you’re always involved in storytelling. Tell people about it.
  9. Trust silence. Silence is one of the most powerful tools in your public speaking toolbox. It helps you pace your presentation. It gives audiences time to fully grasp what you’re saying. It also tells audiences, “I’m confident.”
  10. Move! If you move while you speak, it will help you think and keep you in the moment. Strong, clean gestures amplify and bring your content to life. The body is an essential tool of human communication, and ignoring it can turn you into a block of wood. If you’re seated, simply use your arms, hands, upper body, and face. But give physical expression to the important things you say. If you don’t, we’ll miss the person behind the ideas.

There is one thing that will keep you from employing these techniques: listening to your own self-talk that frays your concentration when you need it most. But if you practice the skills named above, do you think you’ll have time to listen?

A last point: Don’t practice all of these techniques at once. Try one or two at a time, especially in low-risk speaking situations. Gradually, you’ll build up dynamism and focus that any speaker would envy. When you do, let us all know where we can hear you speak.

By Amanambu Amobi



It is definitely going to be a great semester this year for the residents of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall and University of Ibadan at large. As the Hall celebrates her 50th anniversary

The Literary and debating Society of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall is Organizing a public speaking event, which is an annual program “Clash of The Sages”. It is a debate which usually holds with Halls from other Universities from Nigeria and even beyond.

As part of the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the great Hall, the Literary and Debating Society of the Hall has decided to bring on TWO GREAT UNIVERSITIES to compete against the Halls’ Literary and Debating Society. It is going to be a THREESOME BATTLE as the GREAT Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall Literary and Debating Society will be slugging it out alone against MARRIERE HALL of University of Lagos and OBAFEMI AWOLOWO Hall from OAU Ife. The topic of the debate is “Secession: A Panacea to Nigeria Socio-Political Quagmire?”

Can they win this battle against these two halls from these great Institutions? Well we don’t know yet until the battle stage is set at TRENCHARD HALL, 11am 13th July, 2013. It is a battle of Wits and Words. Where else would you be if not the Arena. for more information call Bolaji +2348106230849

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TEDxUniversityofIbadanTEDx university of Ibadan was a very successful motivational and inspirational event that held on the 20th of April 2013 at the faculty of social sciences, Mainstreet bank building. The auditorium hosted more than 120  highly esteemed audience.The well renowned speakers included Mr. Emeka Ossai, Ms. Ifeoluwa Olatayo, Dr. Tony Marinho, Dr. Olumide Longe and Mr. Remi Okunlola.

TEDx university of Ibadan commenced at exactly 10:00am with a warm introduction by the master of ceremony, Faith Ukpai.  Dr. Olumide OLonge was the first speaker of the day and it was indeed a grand opening. He spoke about the youths creating their own future “Every man is an architect of his own future” he said. He also pointed out that technology (social network) is the distraction of this generation, and advised building the habit of excellence”. The second speaker, Ms. Ifeoluwa Olatayo talked about identifying and pursing one’s passion, the opportunities that come with it as well as the obstacles and challenges that come to test the intensity of once passion. The third speaker, Dr. Tony Marinho, spoke about the dispute between commercial and social life skill advertising and how a balance can be reached that will be beneficial to both parties. He highlighted how different brands waste space in the packaging of their products rather than saving lives by writing social life skill information, for instance ‘wear your safety belt’ on that bottled water.

After the third speaker, there was a coffee break where the audience had a chance to meet and talk with one another as well as the speakers. The coffee break lasted for twenty minutes and the audience went back into the hall. There were special performances that thrilled the audience. Then, the fourth speaker Mr. Remi Okunlola came up stage and spoke about making a difference with the little you have. He said “you don’t have to do the extraordinary, just do the little you can to make a difference”. The fifth and last speaker for the event, Mr. Emeka Ossai talked about the Y-approach to knowledge- Ask yourself why you do what you do. He further called many ‘Zombies’ because they do not know the reasons for taking certain actions or decisions.

Finally, the event came to a close with the vote of thanks by the staff adviser Professor Oluleye. The audience enjoyed every moment and hoped for a better event next year.

A report written by Jonathan-Ekeh Victor

Edited by Amanambu Amobi

Olujide Hycon Ayomide

Olujide Hycon Ayomide


Towering tall among peers of the West

Undoubting strength, people’s best

House of riches, home of beauty

Buried in the cleft of forgotten history

Oh! My Ibadan

Like the phoenix, rising from the ashes

A new city, emerging from the relics

Like the new bride, eyeing the huge dowry

Mother’s jewel, father’s glory

My Ibadan

Beat the gong, sound the cymbals

Far and near, close and yonder

Tell the story, anew, not as of old

To the infants and the adults, young and old

My Ibadan

Beacon of light in thick darkness

Shinning forth in utter brightness

Sweeping through the town and the gown

Putting smiles on face black and brown

My Ibadan

From the ghettos of Beere and Oje

To the urban-affluent of Oluyole

From the hurly-burly of Dugbe and Ojoo

To the beautiful estates of Bodija

My Ibadan

The poor, the wretched

Eyes wiped of once flowing tears

Ravaging crises, permeating hostilities

Buried in history, but for prevailing tranquility

My Ibadan

To a cannibal rage, she bids farewell

A new history with praises to tell

Sing to the hatchet’s burial

And nature’s city-revival

Oh! Beautiful Ibadan

Soaring riches, blossoming wealth

Booming businesses, sound health

Love, peace and harmony

Rich and poor in joyous matrimony

My Ibadan

Beautiful schools, beautiful roads

Agodi to Iwo-road, Jericho to Ring -road

Leaders with God-fear, People’s burdens to bear

Servants in people’s stead, governing with care

My Ibadan

O jewel in the West, pacesetter for the rest

O come thou blessed, your praises to tell

With fears allayed, softly I pray

Keeping my faith, just to see the day

My Ibadan-2020

A poem written by

Olujide  Hycon Ayomide

Dr. Ibidun Adelekan and Winners of the Debate competition

Dr. Ibidun Adelekan and Winners of the Debate competition

The Nigerian University Geography Student Association (University of Ibadan Chapter) Organized the first of its kind Inter-varsity Debate in honour of three Emeritus professors (Prof. R.K Udo, Prof. F Faniran and Prof. Filani) all in the Department of Geography University of Ibadan on the 3rd of March, 2013. This grand event hosted eight Universities including the University of Ibadan, Geography department.

Emeritus Prof. Filani ably represented by Prof. F. Akintola as he collects his Award of Honour

Emeritus Prof. Filani ably represented by Prof. F. Akintola as he collects his Award of Honour

Emeritus Prof. F. Faniran as he collects his Award of Honour from the HOD Dr. Ibidun Adelekan

Emeritus Prof. F. Faniran as he collects his Award of Honour from the HOD Dr. Ibidun Adelekan

Though more than eight Universities were invited but only seven honoured the invitation excluding the University of Ibadan which was the host of the event.

The Universities include;

1.       Ladoke Akintola University of Technology which was represented by Elujoba Adejoke Daniel and Malomo Emmanuel O who were first and second speaker respectively

2.       Olabisi Onabanjo University represented by Adeoshun Aderonke (first speaker) and Ogunjimi Oluwayomi (second speaker)

3.       University of Ilorin whose speakers were Amole Stephen Oluwole being the first speaker and Adansere John being the Second speaker.

4.       Tai Solarin University (TASUED): Oguntoye Seyi (first speaker) and Adesere John (second speaker)

5.       Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto whose speakers were Mustapha Umar and Amina Abdulazeez

6.       University of Lagos represented by Taiwo Jokotola. T  (first speaker) and Olakitan Ayoola (Second speaker)

7.       University of Ibadan: Adebayo Olakunle Micheal (first speaker) and Elumelu Uchechukwuka C. (second speaker)

8.       Obafemi Awolowo University whose speakers were Udosen  Vincent (first speaker) and Akande Tolulope (second speaker)

The event was opened by an Opening prayer, National Anthem and the University of Ibadan Anthem. The Head of the Department of Geography, Dr Ibidun Adelekan gave an Opening remark where she highlighted the fact the foundation of Geography in Nigeria lies here at the Department of Geography, University of Ibadan.

Dr D.D Ajayi read the citations of the three Emeritus professors where their achievements were cited and it was evident at the end of the citation that these three Emeritus professors are not tired of impacting positively to the society.

The various speakers from the eight different Universities were called to Debate the topic that brought them to the occasion which was; THE INSURGENCE OF TERRORISM IN NIGERIA: GEOGRAPHY, RELIGION OR ECONOMY WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE. Though, some schools debated the subject as THE INSURGENCE OF TERRORISM IN NIGERIA: GEOGRAPHY, RELIGION OR ECONOMY WHICH BEARS THE BRUNT but the judges graded them with a full knowledge of this.

The debate was finally kicked off when the first speaker from Ladoke Akintola University took the stage with an argument that the impact of terrorism is more felt on the environment than on Religion or Economy. In other words he submitted that Geography bears the brunt. The second speaker who was called at the second round started with an unexpected Yoruba proverb and concluded that Geography bears the brunt.

The speaker from Olabisi Onabanjo University pointed out that even freedom fighters are terrorist. She also claimed that the reason for insurgence of terrorism as regards “Bokoharam” is as a result of uneven development between the North and the South, pointing out that Nigeria is a mono economic Nation in terms of development. She blew the minds of the audience when she made us to understand that the estimation of the impact of terrorism cannot be perfect (where she explained that the number of deaths cannot be perfectly estimated) where X and Y are unknown. The second speaker pointed out that the Nigerian economic situation remains a paradox and that poor leadership and poverty are both responsible for the insurgence of terrorism. “When people are not engaged they become agent of evil (terror)”, she concluded. From the above it is obvious that the speakers form this institution argued that Ecomomic factor is responsible for the insurgence of terrorism in Nigeria.

The first speaker from University of Ilorin defined Terrorism from Concept to General. Where he defined terrorism from the concept of the United Nation’s department of defense, here he pointed out that the concept of terrorism includes Fear, Violence, Intimidation e.t.c. He also claimed that we stand with one leg imagining where the next attack will take place and he added it could be here! (audience screamed). He argued that Geography is responsible for the insurgence of Terrorism where he included ethnicity, socio-cultural factor, uneven distribution of natural resources and the rivers which do not favour the Northerners and Climate change is shrinking the rivers hence taking jobs from Fishermen. He also disclosed that the Upper Volta has been damned reducing the amount of water entering the rivers in the up north. These facts made him ask why will Northerners not resolve to violence (terrorism)? The second speaker came in and put an icing on the cake.

a cross-section of the Audience

a cross-section of the Audience

Tai Solarin University claimed that the Structural Adjustment Programme represents Structural Destruction programme, which was introduced in the 80s was one of the major problems of our Nation. This single Policy crippled our Nation, rendering our economy useless. This speaker argued that Economy not Religion or Geography is responsible for the insurgence of Terrorism in our Nigeria. He also pointed out that the Marriage by our Colonial Masters between the South and the North constitute the Major problem we face today.

Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto argued that the Economy and not Religion or Geography is responsible for the insurgence of terrorism Nigeria. One of the first speaker’s very strong punch lines was that “a Hungry man is an angry man” he gave reasons why Economy and nothing more is responsible for terrorism. These reasons include: unemployment, Poverty, Backwardness (on the part of the govt.), illiteracy, health related issues (where life expectancy rate of men and women is below 50 yrs.).The second speaker also commemorated these facts.

University of Lagos’ first speaker defined a terrorist in a rather unique way where he opined that a terrorist is a person or group of persons who fight to decide how a resource can and cannot be used or who can have access to it ( this terrorist most be a radical Geographer). He stated that the northerners’ claimed that Economic development is not in their favour but he said the question now is 52 yrs of leadership in this country the North has led the more therefore whose fault is it that the Northerners ruled yet did not develop their region. Economy is never and can never be the reason for terrorism but Geography, he concluded. The second speaker added that to solve the issue of terrorism is not pointing fingers but coming together to build our Nation.

The speakers from university of Ibadan took a different touch pointing out that all the three factors (religion, economy and Geography) are responsible for the insurgence of terrorism in Nigeria but dwelled so much on Religion as the major causal factor terrorism. In their words religion in itself is not enough to explain terrorism but it is sad that it is employed as a tool for terror. Where one of the speakers sighted an example on how the statue of Jesus was pulled down in the 90s as a result of Religious crisis in University of Ibadan.

Obafemi Awolowo University speakers were the last to speak and they submitted that religion despite economic challenges is responsible for the insurgence of Terrorism in Nigeria.

The result of the debate was announced as given below

3rd Position: University of Ilorin

university of Ilorin, Amole Stephen Oluwole being the first speaker and Adansere John being awarded by Emeritus Prof. R.K Udo

university of Ilorin, Amole Stephen Oluwole being the first speaker and Adansere John being awarded by Emeritus Prof. R.K Udo

2nd Position: University of Ibadan

speakers from University of Ibadan Adebayo Olakunle Micheal and Elumelu Uchechukwuka awarded by Emeritus Prof Faniran

speakers from University of Ibadan Adebayo Olakunle Micheal and Elumelu Uchechukwuka awarded by Emeritus Prof Faniran

1st  Position: Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

The best speaker was given to Mustapha Umar of Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

Mustapha Umar  from Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

Mustapha Umar from Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto

A report written by Amanambu Amobi