It is definitely going to be a great semester this year for the residents of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall and University of Ibadan at large. As the Hall celebrates her 50th anniversary

The Literary and debating Society of Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall is Organizing a public speaking event, which is an annual program “Clash of The Sages”. It is a debate which usually holds with Halls from other Universities from Nigeria and even beyond.

As part of the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the great Hall, the Literary and Debating Society of the Hall has decided to bring on TWO GREAT UNIVERSITIES to compete against the Halls’ Literary and Debating Society. It is going to be a THREESOME BATTLE as the GREAT Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall Literary and Debating Society will be slugging it out alone against MARRIERE HALL of University of Lagos and OBAFEMI AWOLOWO Hall from OAU Ife. The topic of the debate is “Secession: A Panacea to Nigeria Socio-Political Quagmire?”

Can they win this battle against these two halls from these great Institutions? Well we don’t know yet until the battle stage is set at TRENCHARD HALL, 11am 13th July, 2013. It is a battle of Wits and Words. Where else would you be if not the Arena. for more information call Bolaji +2348106230849

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By Amanambu Amobi


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