My IBADAN-2020, a Poem by Olujide Hycon Ayomide

Olujide Hycon Ayomide
Olujide Hycon Ayomide


Towering tall among peers of the West

Undoubting strength, people’s best

House of riches, home of beauty

Buried in the cleft of forgotten history

Oh! My Ibadan

Like the phoenix, rising from the ashes

A new city, emerging from the relics

Like the new bride, eyeing the huge dowry

Mother’s jewel, father’s glory

My Ibadan

Beat the gong, sound the cymbals

Far and near, close and yonder

Tell the story, anew, not as of old

To the infants and the adults, young and old

My Ibadan

Beacon of light in thick darkness

Shinning forth in utter brightness

Sweeping through the town and the gown

Putting smiles on face black and brown

My Ibadan

From the ghettos of Beere and Oje

To the urban-affluent of Oluyole

From the hurly-burly of Dugbe and Ojoo

To the beautiful estates of Bodija

My Ibadan

The poor, the wretched

Eyes wiped of once flowing tears

Ravaging crises, permeating hostilities

Buried in history, but for prevailing tranquility

My Ibadan

To a cannibal rage, she bids farewell

A new history with praises to tell

Sing to the hatchet’s burial

And nature’s city-revival

Oh! Beautiful Ibadan

Soaring riches, blossoming wealth

Booming businesses, sound health

Love, peace and harmony

Rich and poor in joyous matrimony

My Ibadan

Beautiful schools, beautiful roads

Agodi to Iwo-road, Jericho to Ring -road

Leaders with God-fear, People’s burdens to bear

Servants in people’s stead, governing with care

My Ibadan

O jewel in the West, pacesetter for the rest

O come thou blessed, your praises to tell

With fears allayed, softly I pray

Keeping my faith, just to see the day

My Ibadan-2020

A poem written by

Olujide  Hycon Ayomide


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