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It became an accepted slogan, when millions of Nigerians started chanting ‘My Oga at the top’. One would wonder that even the market women caught this verbal virus. The truth need be told, does this shameful act from Obafaiye Shem (My oga at the top), the Lagos State NSCDC commandant represents that decaying system in our dear country where nothing can be done except ‘my oga at the top’ gives an approval, no wonder Charles Novia wrote in one of his article titled ‘My Oga at the top’, where he opined that “As hilarious as this may be to millions of people, it is also a sad reminder of our societal genuflection as a people. The whole apparatus of the Nigerian administrative organogram is strangle (sic) held by so many ‘Ogas on top’. An effective ‘checks-and-balances’ system which works seamlessly in other climes is made impotent here in Nigeria by a wicked system of administrative despotism. Nothing gets done except the top guns approves, even your visiting the restroom!”. Or do we say that those who hold the mantle of leadership do not deserve to be there as they perhaps bribed their way into the job. Or again do we rather say that they lack that most important aspect of leadership which is public speaking.

‘My Oga at the top’ represents that Nigerian top leader who does not fully understand and have great knowledge of that position he is in and fail to express it adequately or represents the one who calls the shots, every decision is taken solely by him. Delegation is not in his routine of jobs. However you choose to look at it, this problem is a national crisis especially since even our president is guilty in this regard, anyone in doubt please watch the Amanpour interview with our president. Thank goodness it trended hitting over 1.5 million views on Youtube. Many top politicians, CEOs, and men of the Armed Forces these days can’t grant interviews without the exercise turning into a media gaffe. This indeed represents that failed state whose leadership lack the skill of public speaking. ‘My oga at the top’ in my opinon, represents that leader who lacks the techniques and strategies of speaking in public. These ‘ogas at the top’ need to be sent to the school of orators to learn the act of public speaking.

Written by Amanambu Amobi




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