TEDxUniversityofIbadan, a successful event

TEDxUniversityofIbadanTEDx university of Ibadan was a very successful motivational and inspirational event that held on the 20th of April 2013 at the faculty of social sciences, Mainstreet bank building. The auditorium hosted more than 120  highly esteemed audience.The well renowned speakers included Mr. Emeka Ossai, Ms. Ifeoluwa Olatayo, Dr. Tony Marinho, Dr. Olumide Longe and Mr. Remi Okunlola.

TEDx university of Ibadan commenced at exactly 10:00am with a warm introduction by the master of ceremony, Faith Ukpai.  Dr. Olumide OLonge was the first speaker of the day and it was indeed a grand opening. He spoke about the youths creating their own future “Every man is an architect of his own future” he said. He also pointed out that technology (social network) is the distraction of this generation, and advised building the habit of excellence”. The second speaker, Ms. Ifeoluwa Olatayo talked about identifying and pursing one’s passion, the opportunities that come with it as well as the obstacles and challenges that come to test the intensity of once passion. The third speaker, Dr. Tony Marinho, spoke about the dispute between commercial and social life skill advertising and how a balance can be reached that will be beneficial to both parties. He highlighted how different brands waste space in the packaging of their products rather than saving lives by writing social life skill information, for instance ‘wear your safety belt’ on that bottled water.

After the third speaker, there was a coffee break where the audience had a chance to meet and talk with one another as well as the speakers. The coffee break lasted for twenty minutes and the audience went back into the hall. There were special performances that thrilled the audience. Then, the fourth speaker Mr. Remi Okunlola came up stage and spoke about making a difference with the little you have. He said “you don’t have to do the extraordinary, just do the little you can to make a difference”. The fifth and last speaker for the event, Mr. Emeka Ossai talked about the Y-approach to knowledge- Ask yourself why you do what you do. He further called many ‘Zombies’ because they do not know the reasons for taking certain actions or decisions.

Finally, the event came to a close with the vote of thanks by the staff adviser Professor Oluleye. The audience enjoyed every moment and hoped for a better event next year.

A report written by Jonathan-Ekeh Victor

Edited by Amanambu Amobi


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