Faculty of Law University of Ibadan Wins Chief Bola Ige Oratory Contest

Mrs Funsho Adegbola Awarding Oluwatosin and Abdulrahman of Faculty of Law Unversity of Ibadan


Four universities engaged in the battle of wits and words at the University of Ibadan, faculty of law lecture theatre. This competition is usually organised by the faculty of law in honour of chief Bola Ige. The universities include: University of Ilorin, Lagos state university, University of Ife and University of Ibadan. The topic  is “customs and traditions, not English law is the perfect square peg in the square hole for a desirable legal system in Nigeria”. The powerful event was graced by the presence of Mrs Funsho Adegbola as the chairperson of the event, the daughter of Late chief Bola.  Fatoyinbo  Oluwatosin who was second speaker for the university of Ibadan pointed out that” crime is now the president and commander in chief of the federal republic of Nigeria” because of the so called English law.

Mrs Funsho Adegbola Awarding the Third Position From Lagos State University

The University of Ibadan finally emerged the winner of the contest with a whopping 72%, the speakers being Ahmed Abdulrahman and Fatoyinbo Oluwatosin, followed by the university of Ilorin 68%, then Lagos state university 67% and finally the University of Ife 66%.

Mrs Funsho Adegbola Awarding the Second Position From University of Ilorin

Before the winners were disclosed, a last minute speech on the topic was thrown to the audience and Babatope Adeniyi Aiku (a secondary school student of Vale College) stunned everyone with his impeccable articulation and structure of speech.

Babatope Adeniyi Aiku Making a speech

He was therefore given the prize of five thousand Naira as the most articulate speaker of the event.

One of the most important statement made was by one of the speakers of University of Ife saying that the day we stop following the ways of the white man then we become original and not a photocopy.

The event ended with the Advice from the chairperson,when she pointed out that there is need to keep improving in public speaking.


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