Exclusive Interview with University of Ghana’s Debate Team Leader

R-L TrainDrill-Cofounders Adam Bodunrin, Amanambu Amobi and Antonio Edem Asinyo of Ghana

Antonio was the second speaker of the bilateral debate competition that took place in the University of Ibadan and is also the leader of the Ghanian debate team who ended up winning the competition with a difference of 5%.

Triandrill: How has been your stay in this university and Nigeria at large?                                       Antonio: well has been beautiful so far.I love the hospitality that has been shown                   towards us and the students have been very welcoming


TrianDrill: During the competition did you think that you were going to win?

Antonio:we were very organised and well structured . And I believedthat we had a chance because we were really able to relate to the audience and the judges.

Triandrill: what do you think killed your opponents?

Antonio: well,I would say that they were not very organised and only focused on one angle.

TrianDrill: Do you think the judges were fair enough?

Antonio: yes I think they were fair enough. I mean it was obvious that we related with the judges better than our opponents.


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